Letter of Khwājah Muḥammad Maʿṣūm Sirhindī (2)

Inside The Koutoubia Mosque

Letter 58, written to Mullā Qāsim,

“Honoured sir! Ṣalāh is the Miʿrāj of the believer. The state that you perform your Ṣalāh in, is like the state of your Miʿrāj, and is superior to all spiritual states. Other states compared to Ṣalāh is like a picture compared to reality. For example, consider the reflection seen in the mirror. What comparison does it have to the original form other than similarities in shape and image, nothing more. The extent that one perfects Ṣalāh is the extent to which one will draw fayḍ and blessings from it. Ṣalāh is perfected through consideration of the Sunnahs, making an effort on the etiquettes, lengthy recitation and bowing and prostrating according to the Sunnah. The beauty and perfection of Ṣalāh will become more apparent.”

Extracted from Biographies of the Naqshbandī Mujaddidī Mashāʾikh by Mawlānā Maḥbūb ʾAḥmad Qamruz Zamān Nadwī ʾIlāhābādī


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