Letter of Khwājah Muḥammad Maʿṣūm Sirhindī


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Letter 177 written to Mullā Jamālud Dīn,

“It is necessary that in resolving to bring about the implementation of Islāmic Law, that you be active and alert. Make ordering good and forbidding evil your habit and way. Reviving abandoned Sunnahs should be considered a great work. Try to hide the spiritual occurrences which befall your heart. Do not place any reliance on spiritual manifestations and dreams. What benefit is there if you are proclaimed emperor or Quṭb of the era in a dream? The emperor and Quṭb remain those who have those positions in reality. If for the sake of argument you do become emperor in reality and the world submits to your rule, what piety has been achieved and what punishment of the grave and the hereafter has been lifted? People with firm resolve pay no attention to these kind of things. Instead, they remain striving for Allāh’s pleasure. They strive to eliminate their ego and hide their spiritual experiences.”

Extracted from Biographies of the Naqshbandī Mujaddidī Mashāʾikh by Mawlānā Maḥbūb ʾAḥmad Qamruz Zamān Nadwī ʾIlāhābādī


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