The following is a translation of a poem of Hadhrat Maulana ‘Aarif Billaah Shaah Muhammad Ahmad Saheb Partaapgadhy Naqshbandi (Rahimahullah) extracted from TWIN RIVERS of Moulana Mahboob Ahmad Bin Moulana Muhammad Qammaruzzamaan Saheb

To light the torch of love in the heart,
and to make yourself the moth – madly in love,
To employ a hundred ways of making Him yours…
Is there any value to this kind of love?
For Him to make His way into your heart…
This is what you call achieving your objective!
This is a love story of which I am the narrator.
I want the whole world to be madly in love with their Creator.
I want to make sane people lose all their senses.
Hey, Ahmad, how amazing it is to recite these poems of love!


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